What if the miracle comes in pieces?

What if a miracle doesn’t look like we think it should? What if the miracle isn’t in the form of healing your husband. Miraculous healing of the cancer that is ravaging her body when you want the healing to come now. The restoration of the broken marriage. The bringing home of your prodigal child in the time you think the miracle should happen. What if the miracle comes in pieces?

What if the miracle comes in the shape of grace that reaches down and saves a girl clothed in sin and shame. What if the miracle is that He literally took all of “it” and traded her His beauty, love, hope and soul healing for her ashes. What if it’s that He gave her a new name. A new mind. He took what should have been mine and gave me Him. ALL of HIM!

What if the miracle came in spite of poor decisions when love was too young to really know what love was but God still gave them miracles in the shape of their two amazing children. What if it’s when you feel worthless, ugly and broken and the miracle drives up in your driveway in his green S-10. The miracle that is unconditional love. The miracle in the shape of love that sees YOU as God sees you not as you see you. The you that you didn’t even know existed. What if the miracle is a simple man that simply loved you. What if that miracle of love produced another miracle. A miracle named Grayson.

What if the miracle wasn’t in the healing but in the disease. That miracle that comes when you realize you have nothing without Him. That you WANT nothing without Him. That miracle of total surrender that is sweeter than honey…the very presence of Him lifting you up out of darkness and revealing He is enough even if.

What if your not standing in front of a room full of women for their benefit but to prepare YOU for what only He could know was coming. To anchor you in that truth that He is enough even if. Even if the phone rings the next morning and tragedy strikes in the most horrific way. What if the miracle was the gift of her friendship that reaped a harvest of love, forgiveness and new friendships of her beautiful family that will last a lifetime. That ripple effect kinda miracle. That miracle named Kay that has created a ripple effect that reveals His glory and will continue for generations to come. What if she was the miracle that reminded me that all of the women that sat in my living room and let this broken, grief filled, Jesus loving woman just be me and pour my heart out over and over again through word and tears were miracles too. So many holy filled, grace laced miracles.

What if it’s in the moments when you are totally emptied out. DRY BONES. Nothing left to give out. Nothing left to pour out. That place where you finally cry out to Him wanting to know “Is this it? Is this all there is?”. And then one day He ushers in yet another miracle that reminds you that broken crayons still color. He reminds you that He is not finished with you yet. He whispers into the depths of your soul that He is the Miracle Worker who will take, what felt as though it had shattered you in a million pieces, and in His hands make them into the most beautiful mosaic you’ve ever seen. He reminds you that even though sometimes the miracle comes in pieces it is still a miracle!

Oh Lord, fill me up! I believe in You and I know,that I know, that I know, You are enough even if…

3 thoughts on “What if the miracle comes in pieces?

  1. Love, Love, Love this! We often limit God’s miracles by trying to put things back together or ’fix’ things that were not intended to be ‘fixed’ in an Earthly sense. Isn’t it wonderful that He uses the broken to bring healing! …..His own way, His own timing, …..all to bring Him Glory ! ❤️


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