I Want A Divorce

Have you ever heard or read something that just stopped you in your tracks? Well that very thing happened to me last week and in that moment I heard those words spoken they made me just stop and soak each one into my mind and then into my heart. And then as I repeated them over and over and over again they began to wash over my soul…You know those words that make something rise up in you and know that they may have been spoken by the person on the screen or written by the one who penned that book but you realize that it was God who was the author of each word that He knew you needed to hear. Words He uses to challenge us. Speak to us. Move us. Change us. And that’s exactly what I experienced when these few simple but powerful words moved from her lips to my ears… “What if we could divorce ourselves from how we feel”? WOW. Just WOW.  Think about that. DIVORCE ourselves from our feelings. Walk away. Leave. Breakup. Disconnect. Separate. Sever. Well you know the definition of divorce but think about that in the context of that question.

What if we could solely live based off of God’s truth and not let our emotions dictate our response. Can you imagine how different our lives would look if we were led by the Spirit instead of our emotions? If we responded from grace-laced wisdom instead of a spirit of offense. If we loved our spouse in such a way that it was a living testimony of a 1 Corinthians 13 kind-of-love instead of a “love” based off of how they make us feel if they meet our expectations.  What if we lived like we believe God’s promises when life’s disappointments come instead of allowing them to rob us of our joy and peace for minutes, days, weeks, months and sadly even some for a lifetime?

Oh sweet friend, what I have experienced when I choose to be Holy Spirit led instead of holding the hand of my ever changing emotions, is that it produces a supernatural change within me that eventually connects my head (where I make my decision to trust Him) to my heart and allows me to live out a Holy-Spirit-immersed life that meets my greatest needs in a way nothing in this world ever will or ever could. Moments that are filled to over flowing of His tangible grace. Those bring-me-to-my-knees moments that I experience when His peace seeps its way into the deepest crevices of my broken heart. Those moments…those choices of surrendering my will and grabbing hold of His which allows Him to transform them into a lifetime that testifies to the world of His goodness. His faithfulness. His love. Those moments that bring me to this place where I have decided that I want a divorce! I do not want to be married to my emotions any longer. I want to forever be held, loved and connected to my Father’s heart and let Him have it all! Because dear friends, He deserves my all. He is my source. He is my enough, even if…

Romans 15:13 May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.



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