In Over My Head

I would say that for many years I found such comfort when life was predictable. You know when everything seems to be going as you had planned. The kid’s schedules go as clock-work. Nothing comes up to throw the budget out of whack. Everyone is healthy. The marriage is all butterflies and rose petals. Life is good. I would guess that most of us would agree that we find this sense of peace when we feel like our feet are on the “shore”.  We feel safe and secure when we think we are in control. The truth is that it’s easy to find security in what, in reality, we have no control over. Let’s admit it, He is in control of all things…not us. Never have been. Never will be.

The crazy thing is that I can honestly say that it’s been in the seasons of life when my worst nightmares became my reality and I was in way over my head, in the midst of the deepest waters, that I have felt the presence of God like I had never experienced before. It’s been when I was so “deep in” and thought I might be swallowed up in that storm that I found myself crying out to Him knowing I did not have the answers that He became so real to me. It was in the most painful seasons that I had to admit I could not save myself.  It has been in those moments when I surrendered control to Him that I have come to know I can stand on the promises of my Jehovah-Mephalti because He was and is My Deliverer!! I can say I have tangible evidence that He is my Jehovah Jireh- My Lord who provides. He is my Jehovah Nissi- The Lord my Banner. He is my Rescuer. He is my Redeemer. He is my Breath. He is The Great I Am.

The more you ride into battle with The One that holds a 100% victory rate, you won’t hesitate to mount up over and over again!! When the scripture you’ve always said you believed becomes the truth you experience, it will fuel your faith like nothing you’ve ever imagined! His presence in the midst of those battles are the very thing that has taken my desire of playing it safe and has now transformed them into a desire to live in a place where I HAVE to depend on Him at all times. Why would I ever want to live in “less than” when I can truly LIVE in the ALL God has for me?!

I’ve come to realize that He did not design us to play it safe. He wants us to live out our faith boldly. He wants us to know He will never leave us nor forsake us. Oh how I want to live out my faith with a courage like Peter that is willing to get out of the boat and experience the miracle of walking on water. I want to live with a faith like Noah that is so big and so bold that I would build an ark before the first raindrop had ever fallen.  I can’t do that by playing it safe. I can’t do that without surrendering my agenda, my life, my all, to my Savior. I can’t do that unless I am in over my head.

Lord, I want to live a life that is a living testimony to the world that You are enough, even if…


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