Echo of My Days

Don’t you love how the Lord speaks to you through something you may have read or heard many times before but then in that moment you have this amazing revelation that absolutely takes your breath away? Recently I was listening to Bethel Music’s “King of My Heart”, as I’ve done 100’s of times, but this time a specific lyric jumped out like it had never done before. “Let the King of my heart be the fire inside my veins and the echo of my days“. I don’t know why on this particular day, during this particular concert in my car (don’t judge me…they actually happen quite often) those lyrics spoke to me in the most profound way but they did.
Echo. Be the echo of my days. Wow! Think about that…how I live my life each and every day creates an echo that can be a reflection of Him. What words I choose to speak to others and over myself echoes. If I choose generosity it becomes an echo. If I choose to extend love to those that aren’t easy to love…another echo. He fills us with His Spirit so that we can live in such a way that there is a beautiful echo of His grace, love and mercy that reflects Him and Him alone. An echo that is repeated, reverberated into the lives of those He places in my path that allows them to see He is THE Healer and Redeemer that loves us wholly, fully and completely no matter what our story looks like. The echo of hope for the hopeless. The echo that reminds us that He trades our ashes for His beauty. Even when I choose to cry out to Him that I am broken and weary and can’t do this without Him, His echo comes back to me that He is my strength and my comforter. It is an echo that allows my life to reflect my Jehovah-Rapha and it’s His echo that comes back to me and fills me to overflowing of all that He is!
My prayer is that I will choose to make Him the echo of each and every day that God gives me. Nothing wasted. Nothing that doesn’t reflect Him even if tomorrow doesn’t look like I had hoped it would. The echo that continues long after this world forgets my name. The echo that, when I stand before my Savior and He calls out my name, will reverberate to all of heaven “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus”. May He always be the echo of my days even if…

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